Forget for a Moment Foundation President steps back

Posted on 01/11/2017

Jeannine Lafrenière. Photo credit: Martin Roy, LeDroit

Written by Albert Mondor, Interim President, and Board members

We are very sorry to announce that Jeannine Lafrenière has stepped down from her position as President of the Board of Directors of the Forget for a Moment Foundation.

In addition to having established the Foundation, she chaired the Board with immense commitment and effectiveness for more than five years.

Jeannine will, nevertheless, remain an active member of the Board and fully involved in the Foundation’s various projects.

It is important to recognize that the major factor in the realization of our first living wall is due to Jeannine’s perseverance and determination in overcoming numerous obstacles, but undoubtedly Jeannine’s greatest accomplishment during these five years is having convinced numerous influential persons to bring nature back to our lives.

We thank Jeannine for her years of service as President and for continuing to serve with our Foundation.