Great article about the official inauguration of our FIRST living wall published in La Revue

Posted on 08/03/2017

Left to right: Jean Pigeon, Executive Director of Fondation Santé Gatineau, Jeannine Lafrenière,Founder & President of Forget For A moment Foundation, Albert Mondor, Spokesperson of our Foundation, Denis Chénier, Assistant Executive Director of Integrated Health and Social Services Centres of the Outaouais” (CISSSO). Photo Credit: TC Media

The published article translated and reprinted below, reveals details of the official inauguration of our first living wall at the Bon séjour long term care facility in Gatineau on March 2nd, 2017.

A living wall in a healthy setting: “This is the start of something”

HEALTH. The Santé Gatineau Foundation unveils the results of five years’ effort by the Forget for a Moment Foundation.

The members of the Santé Gatineau Foundation joined partners and volunteers to inaugurate the first living wall in a Quebec health care facility. The wall is a donation from the Forget for a Moment Foundation and was installed in the common room of the Bon Séjour long term care facility in Gatineau.

It was the founder of the foundation, Jeannine Lafrenière, who came up with this innovative idea more than five years ago.

“I got the idea when I was at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. I was staring at the wall in front of me thinking it was really depressing. Health centres need some life.”

Even though she admits that her original plan saw such a wall in a hospital setting, now she is very happy to see the first installation has occurred in a long term care facility. Since its arrival, Jeannine Lafreniere says that she has been thrilled by people’s reactions and has witnessed the wall’s benefits first hand.

“Just after the wall went up, a woman brought her mother downstairs to show it to her. The mother was so delighted that it made the five tough years I’d invested in the project all worthwhile.”

The Assistant Executive Director of the Integrated Health and Social Services Centre of Gatineau, Denis Chenier, acknowledged the benefits of such a project. “The patients who find themselves in a long term care facility once had a home; they gardened, they had houseplants. Seeing greenery here brings back wonderful memories.”

Jean Pigeon, the Executive Director of the Santé Gatineau Foundation, who brought together the CISSS de l’Outaouais and the Forget for a Moment Foundation, suggests that this may be the start of something new, and indicated that it was very likely the experiment will be repeated.

The wall was made possible by several volunteer partners, including an engineer who designed the plans for the wall. It is equipped with a reservoir and a pump system that provides irrigation to nourish the plants.

Several varieties of exotic plants were chosen in order to create a pleasing arrangement for the residents of the Bon Séjour long term care facility.


This article was translated by Sue Moerman into English from its French original version, “Mur vert en milieu de santé: C’est le début de quelque chose”, and is reprinted with the permission of Ms. Amélie Desmarais of the newspaper, La Revue (Gatineau).