A Living Wall Coming Soon to Gatineau

Posted on 01/10/2016

As we announced in our social media releases of July 23, 2016, we have met with and made formal presentations to senior executives of several Ottawa-Gatineau hospitals. Although each of these organizations was very enthusiastic about the project we proposed, a completion date within 2016 was not likely, given that our local area hospitals are currently in the midst of major projects which must take priority at this time.

Nevertheless, discussions continue with certain of these hospitals and, if all goes well, we have high hopes of being able to bring our project to life in an Ottawa-Gatineau hospital waiting room within a few years.

The Big News

Given that construction of a living wall in a CISSS de l’Outaouais hospital waiting room is not feasible at this time, we were approached by this central health and social services organization to ask if the Foundation would consider installing a living wall in one of its long-term or chronic care facilities.

These residential homes are geared to persons who are no longer able to care for themselves. They may have special needs, be in need of constant supervision or monitoring, or they may pose a risk to themselves or to others if they continue to live alone.

Since a project of this type fits well within our mission and vision, we decided to look into this possibility.

Discussions with the CISSS are going very well – so well, in fact, the we believe that we will soon be able to officially announce that the “Bon Séjour” long term care home in Gatineau will be the location of our first living wall. “Bon Séjour” has 100 permanent beds and seven respite beds for elderly persons who have lost all ability to live independently.

The living wall will be located in the centre’s “great room,” This room, on the main floor of the residence, is geared to social activities for the residents and for gatherings with their loved ones and the 20-odd active volunteers on site.  It is a wide open space that, by its very nature, symbolizes an open community since it is accessible to all who enter the residence.

We anticipate the construction of this living wall within the next few months.