A new logo for the Orléans Health Hub

Posted on 12/11/2018

As announced recently, the Forget For A Moment Foundation will build a living wall in the new Orléans Health Hub in Orléans, in the east end of Ottawa.

Measuring approximately 30 square meters, the living wall we will install in the waiting room of the Seniors Services program of the Orléans Health Hub will be shaped like the wing of a butterfly, and will be trimmed with different colours of glass disks.

Our design, the wing of a Monarch butterfly, created by the Landscape Architecture firm WAA, was one of the sources of inspiration for the creation of the Orléans Health Hub’s new logo.

Unveiled in October 2018, the Health Hub’s logo is of a stylized butterfly, symbolizing the transformative experience of the patients in the facility.

In addition to improving air quality and producing oxygen, the presence of plants and nature in the Orleans Health Hub will have a very positive psychological impact, on both the patients and their loved ones. Numerous scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of nature on the physical and mental health of humans.

In fact, studies show that having access to plants, or even being able to view plants from a window, help the sick recover more quickly. In addition, the presence of plants and nature in our living environment leads to better health and reduces the need for access to health care.