Project Update

Posted on 23/07/2016

You are aware that, with much regret, we had to withdraw our project from the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The decision was made as a result of ongoing deferral of the project. We know you’ve been wondering what’s been happening since that decision.

The last few months have been busy for our President, Spokesperson and others who believe in what our Foundation is attempting to do.

We’ve made formal requests and presentations to executives of several Ottawa-Gatineau area hospitals, and discussions with several of these are ongoing.

All of these organizations have responded very favorably, though some of our local hospitals have other projects happening currently or in the near future.

If certain discussions under way reach a positive conclusion, we have high hopes of bringing our project to completion in short order.

Be assured that we remain very active, so please continue to trust us. This project is too important and we need your continued support to succeed.