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Design for a living wall to be installed in the new Orléans Health Hub, Orléans, Ontario


Living Wall

A more humane waiting room

Jeannine Lafrenière, Founder of Forget For A Moment Foundation, is the project Instigator. The mural is a creation of Malaka Ackaoui and Antoine Crépeau from WAA Montréal Inc. They are also the team members of the design and technical design.

Our goal is for this beautiful structure to be conceived in a health facility, the Orléans Health Hub in Orléans, (Ontario), so the sick and their loved ones have access to the peaceful and soothing effects of natural elements while they wait to see a doctor for either a consultation or to get the results of tests, or to see a health professional to receive health care services.

The wall will be composed of living plants arranged to form a Monarch butterfly wing. Trimmed with different colours of glass disks to complete the image, this installation is certain to have a positive effect on the sick and their loved ones. We are convinced that this vertical garden will allow them to forget their pain and stress for a few moments or, perhaps, inspire some degree of hope, comfort, and strength to fight illness.

Modifications may occur in terms of colours and plants used.


Our first project, the installation of a living wall at the CHSLD Bon Séjour, is the first and only living wall at a CHSLD in Quebec, Canada.


Our first living wall was installed on January 19, 2017 in the “great room” of CHSLD Bon Séjour Long-Term Care Centre in Gatineau, Quebec. Located on the main floor of the residence, the great room is geared to social activities for the residents and for gatherings with their loved ones and the approximately 20 active volunteers on site. It is a wide open space that, by its very nature, symbolizes an open community since it is accessible to all who enter the residence.

Below are examples of living walls and Mosaïcultures that could be displayed in health care facilities.