"Bringing nature indoors to healthcare facilities"


What we do?

At a time when our health care system is constrained by financial and human resources, the healing power of nature can play an important role. An investment in a living wall can have demonstrable cost-saving and positive outcomes on health. When patients tend to get well more quickly and reduce their reliance on drugs and follow-up care, health care institutions can realize significant cost-savings. It is a win-win situation when patients, their caregivers and families, and the health care system can reap benefits from something as basic as bringing nature inside.

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The FORGET FOR A MOMENT FOUNDATION depends on the generous contributions of our donors to realize its vision of incorporating living green spaces –living walls, mosaïcultures, and gardens – into health care facilities across Canada.

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Our Second Project: A Living Wall at CHSLD Lionel-Émond in Gatineau (QC)

Inspired by the positive results experienced at CHSLD Ernest-Brisson (previously known as Bon Séjour), the management of the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Centre and Gatineau’s CHSLD Lionel-Émond (previously known as Foyer du Bonheur) contacted us at the end of the summer of 2019, requesting a living wall for their institution. We therefore connected with the Health Gatineau Foundation to ensure financing. 

Examples of living walls and mosaïcultures

Give wings to the butterfly of the Orléans Health Hub

The Forget for a Moment Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign for the creation of a living wall measuring more than 27 sq. meters (300 sq. ft.). It will be installed in the Services for Seniors waiting room of the Orleans Health Hub, whose opening is scheduled for the summer of 2021.

Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals

The belief that plants and gardens are beneficial for patients in healthcare environments is more than one thousand years old, and appears prominently in Asian and Western cultures (Ulrich and Parsons, 1992). During the Middle Ages in Europe, for example, monasteries created elaborate gardens to bring pleasant, soothing distraction to the ill (Gierlach-Spriggs et al., 1998). European and American hospitals in the 1800s commonly contained gardens and plants as prominent features (Nightingale, 1860).

The Forget For A Moment Foundation on the international scene

On October 15, our President Emeritus and Founder, Jeannine Lafrenière, participated in...

The positive effects of greenery in healthcare institutions

Greenery in and around nursing homes, hospitals and other clinics is good for the...

The soothing effects of the living wall at CHSLD Lionel-Émond

When people walk by, they comment on the wall’s beauty, its calming effects and its universal improvement to the café area.

Marie-Paule Chartrand is the new Secretary-treasurer of the Foundation.

The Forget For A Moment Foundation is pleased to announce the arrival of Marie-Paule...

Our First Project at the CHSLD Ernest Brisson is still doing wonders

Our first project materialized on January 19, 2017 with the installation of a living...

What Are Healing Gardens?

Why are some gardens called healing gardens, when it seems as though all gardens (and...

Let’s think of those who are perpetually confined!

My sedum attracts butterfly Alain Pineau President – FORGET FOR A MOMENT...

We are proud of our wall at the CHSLD Lionel-Émond

Beauty managed to shine thru at the CHSLD Lionel-Émond in Gatineau.  If you’d like to...

Wallemi Living Walls selected to build Gatineau’s Lionel-Émond living wall

The Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSSO in French) has...

Jeannine Lafrenière appointed President Emeritus of the Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Foundation Forget For A Moment has recently voted unanimously to name President Emeritus the founder of the Foundation Ms. Jeannine Lafrenière. After more than eight years of remarkable dedication, Ms. Lafrenière has decided to take a step back from the daily responsibilities of the Foundation and to retire from its Board of Directors.


We are pleased to announce that, in partnership with the Gatineau Health Foundation, we will soon execute the installation of a living wall in the CHSLD Lionel-Émond (previously called Foyer du Bonheur), located on the street of the same name in the Hull sector of Gatineau, Québec.


Our Foundation is happy to announce that negotiations are currently under way with the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSSO in French) and the Fondation Santé Gatineau for the creation of a new living wall in another Long-Term Home Care Centre in the Outaouais région, CHSLD Lionel-Émond, also known as Foyer du Bonheur, located in Gatineau, Québec.

One step closer to realizing our second project!

On August 1, Hôpital Montfort and EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare (EllisDon) signed the contract to build and finance the Orléans Health Hub Project.