About Us

The FORGET FOR A MOMENT FOUNDATION, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a registered charity  at the federal and provincial level in the provinces of Québec and Ontario. It was founded in 2012, and is comprised entirely of volunteers. We collect funds to finance, build, and ensure a part of the ongoing maintenance of natural structures located in health care facilities.

Our Mission

The Foundation strives to offer a few moments of relief, wonder, and joy at the unexpected sight of nature’s splendour to the sick, the elderly, and to those who care for them, by bringing green spaces to life in hospitals and treatment centres.

Our Vision

The vision of the FORGET FOR A MOMENT FOUNDATION is that within ten years, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and chronic care facilities across Canada will incorporate natural structures into the design of all new construction and renovations.  When nature is made accessible by bringing it indoors, patients and residents in institutional settings, along with their families and caregivers, will begin to experience its healing power first-hand.

The FORGET FOR A MOMENT FOUNDATION believes that this will help develop a new and deeper respect for the healing power of nature and a heightened desire to ensure that nature is protected and respected.